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June 2022

1+1+, along with Cyrus Peñarroyo of Extents and De Peter Yi, formed Detroit Reuse Collective and are awarded an Engaging Workshops Grant from the University of Michigan. Read more about their grant proposal here.


September 2021

How to Build* Our Own Living Structures, an exhibition for the Detroit 2021 Month of Design, included AÄ MÄ Studio, Cadaster, Could be Architecture, END Studio, Olde City Builders, Stock-a-Studio Studio Patina, and 1+1+ Architects.

May 2021

Low Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles, re-reoriented zoning “from a focus on transactions to kinship” and to addressed “the scale of the anthropocene itself,” and received an honorable mention from the city of Los Angeles.


August 2018

1+1+ Architects wins their first project, an RFP for the master plan of Dreamtroit, the reuse of the Lincoln Motor Building into artist housing, Lincoln Street Art Park, Green Living Science and Make Art Work.

May 2022

Detroit Land Bank essay Stewardship as Ownership, co-authored by Laura Marie Peterson and De Peter Yi, published in Log 54: Coauthoring. Read the full article here.

June 2021

Learning From the Courtyard: Cross-Cultural Ideas for the Architecture of the Dwellinga lecture for the International Women’s Associates of Chicago asked: “How can learnings from the vernacular courtyard impact the way we think about land-use, density and relationships between the individual housing unit and the city as a collective whole?”

October 2021

Clyde Burton Oasis, a collaboration through Design Advocates, is currently fundraising for its first phase of completion. The design will create a rooftop “room” on top of Clyde Burton House, a single-room-occupancy (SRO) housing facility serving 33 formerly homeless men and women over the age of 55. 

January 2021

Laura Marie Peterson is interviewed on the ‘Total Clarity’ Podcast Ep. 33.

July 2020

Laura Marie Peterson is awarded an artist residency at the Montello Foundation.