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Detroit, Michigan

Creating Happy Relationships Between People + Buildings + Environments

1+1+ Architects (1 + 1 + you) is a full-service, licensed architecture practice designing new and used residential, adaptive reuse, cultural, commercial and urban design projects from Detroit to Los Angeles. We approach every project as the sum of it’s parts, and believe in thoughtful design that is grounded in the specific needs, resources and contexts of the communities and clients we collaborate with. We find form in grassroots efforts, material systems innovation and natural ecosystems, creating beautiful designs that engage the elemental challenges shaping our built environment today — housing, land use and climate change. We steward healthy relationships between the social + environmental + material aspects of architecture, always challenging architecture to do more with less.

Reusing Before Demolishing + Fostering Relationships of Care Over Extraction

1+1+ current projects include the adaptive reuse of a former commercial building into residences, an off-the-grid community kitchen and geodesic grow dome, an artist studio and residence that rethinks residential zoning in Los Angeles, and an outdoor classroom that mills fallen trees for use as the building’s structure. Recently completed projects include a flexible pavilion for Coriander Kitchen and Farms in Detroit and Sozai, a sustainable sushi restaurant in Clawson.

1+1+ received an honorary award for their contribution to Low Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles for  promoting housing affordability, new paths to homeownership, and innovative models of sustainable residential architecture and zoning. 1+1+ curated the Detroit Month of Design exhibition Living Structures and published an article entitled Stewardship as Ownership that documents the various ways Detroit residents are using land across the city.

1+1+ is a founding partner of the Detroit Reuse Collective, an incubator-workshop reshaping the relationships between people + material reuse + Detroit.

1+1+ is an open-ended equation inviting opportunities big and small. Let’s design a better future together!

Laura Marie Peterson, RA

Co-Founder + Design Director

De Peter Yi, RA

Co-Founder + R&D Director


1+1+ collaborates with talented and award-winning consultants + designers + artists + contractors + developers + makers to ensure that every project receives the attention and expertise it demands.


HD Structural, Structural Engineer

Systems Solutions Engineering, MEP

Redensify Engineering, Structural Engineer,

Other-Fields, Landscape Designer

Cyrus Peñarroyo of Extents

Tahir Karmali

Sarah Peterson, Landscape Designer

Matthew Crilley, Architectural Designer