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1+1+ Architects is a licensed architecture studio in Detroit, Michigan. 1+1+ scales down by working with local businesses, developers, and nonprofits, and scales up by engaging in systemic issues shaping our built environment today, including housing, adaptive reuse, and climate change. 

Treating tangible materials and intangible forces as part of the same matter, 1+1+ draws from research to realize built and speculative works. From exploring collage arrangements to part-to-whole relationships, our work embraces difference to achieve common goals.

Our designs and spaces generate unexpected and pleasurable experiences, while anticipating future change to care for the social, cultural, and financial longevity of our clients and their communities. 1+1+ has worked with many small businesses, institutions, and nonprofit organizations including Coriander Kitchen & Farm, 555 Arts, Recycle Here!, Sozai, Barton Malow, and the Henry Ford Hospital System.

Current and past collaborators include Other-Fields, Aanya Chugh, HD Structural, Alex Lauer, Tahir Karmali, Yi Kai, Sarah Peterson and Matthew Crilley.

Laura Marie Peterson, Co-Founder

Laura Marie Peterson is an architect, artist and researcher who led the product development of the WeLive co-housing units, and the design for a housing project at 815 Water Street. She often collaborates on interdisciplinary projects, such as with photographer A-Chan. Peterson was recently awarded a residency at the Montello Foundation in Nevada, and teaches at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

De Peter Yi, Co-Founder

De Peter Yi is an architect, educator, and author of Building Subjects, a book that explores collective housing in China. His extensive housing and adaptive reuse experience includes the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, the design for One Hundred in St Louis, and building a sustainable green roof on top of a landmark building in Chicago. Peter teaches at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, where he was the 2018-2019 Walter B. Sanders Fellow. 


Photo Credit: Passerby on the Lake Front Trail in Chicago, 2019