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Building Subjects

In China today, residents in standardized housing blocks share the built environment with family clans inhabiting round earthen dwellings, migrants living in fortress-like compounds, and retirees acting out remnant Maoist utopian ideals in urban communes. What lessons may such seemingly anachronistic ways of living, upheld by an unspoken contract between residents and the structures they’ve adapted over time, provide in a future that seems ready to leave them behind? Building Subjects attempts to answer this question through a surprising observation on architecture itself: that alternate forms of living are already embedded in our everyday structures, and designers can empower these ideas through a simultaneous reductive revealing and a framework for drawing new part-to-part relationships. Supported with a Graham Foundation Grant and published in 2019 by Standpunkte, Building Subjects was designed in collaboration with the graphic designers Normal and Some All None.

00_Tulou Drawings
Building Subjects Tulou Courtyard
Building Subjects Urban Commune Drawing
Building Subjects Fusuijing Urban Commune Facade
Building Subjects