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Big Roof

Under one roof, a lot can happen! Big Roof is an oversized garden pergola designed for dining and events at Coriander Kitchen & Farm’s restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. The project explores collage arrangements of off-the-shelf parts to propose new relationships between the site and the restaurant: a colorful oversized industrial gutter captures water for a rain garden, growing flowers that can be used to decorate the restaurant tables. Triangular trusses, designed with HD Structural are built of nominal lumber and typical hardware, opening up views to the constantly changing sky above. Utilizing a bright orange industrial curtain, Big Roof extends the footprint of Coriander Kitchen & Farm’s restaurant into the winter months, creating a cozy dining space that glows orange during cold, winter nights. During warmer months, the curtain is removed, and the building spills out into the landscape.

Coriander's Big Roof!
Axon Diagram - Big Roof
Interior View - Big Roof
Big Rood Sky
Model Image